EMT Certification Course Online
Emergency Medical Technician Course

EMT Certification Course Online

This Online EMT Course is Accepted for NREMT Certification.

This Online EMT training course is a self directed (start today!), interactive, distance learning course that is accepted for NREMT Certification. The course curriculum covers all EMT knowledge and skill requirements for the new EMT National Education Standards (NES).

If you are a self-motivated, goal-oriented student who enjoys being challenged, this is a great educational opportunity that will aid in your goal of an NREMT, EMT Certification.

Upon successful completion of this emt basic course a student will be authorized to take the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) practical skills and cognitive examinations. After passing the examinations the student will be awarded NREMT EMT Certification. These certification exams are used as a basis for state licensure or certification in most states. They are also widely accepted for reciprocity during the licensure process for your state.

Army funded EMT training

How to Become an NREMT Certified EMT Using Our Course.

What you get when you enroll in this EMT course

emt button Online Access to EMT & Fire Training Self-Paced Learning Management System (LMS).
All of the didactic portion of the course is completed online in the LMS. This includes recorded lectures, videos, quizzes, exams and interactive activities.
emt button Textbook and Workbook for EMT.
When you complete your enrollment your books will be shipped to you. We are currently using AAOS Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured 12th Edition for the EMT course. This book and our course includes the new National Education Standards (NES) that follow the new EMT scope of practice.
emt button 24 Hour Instructor Helpdesk.
Students can use email, live chat or the LMS chat system to communicate with instructors 24 hours a day. Typically a live instructor is only available during normal business hours, but leaving a message will ensure a prompt reply. In cases where a student needs to speak to an instructor by phone, we will be happy to arrange a time to call you.
emt button Remote Instruction and Assessment or in Person Skills Week.
The final portion of the EMT course is the skills assessment. If you are attending an in person skills week at Post Falls, Idaho, the assessments will be done on Thursday the fifth and last day of instruction. See calendar for scheduled practical skills weeks.

If you are choosing our remote instruction and assessment option you will attend online skills demonstrations and be assessed at the completion of the course.
emt button Course Prerequisites.
• Be 18 years of age
• Provide a copy of current driver's license or state issued identification.
• Provide a copy of your high school diploma or the equivalent.
emt button How Do I Enroll?

1. Scroll down this page and choose whether you want the in person skills week option or the remote instruction and assessment option for the course.

2. Pay the $200 application fee and receive access to the Enrollment Portal. You will be required to upload copies of your driver's license or ID and submit your record of high school completion before being accepted into the program. This application fee is valid for 6 months.

3. Talk with our admissions team and complete/sign all documents. Feel free to read over the course catalog and program overview documents linked at the top of this page.

This course is designed to be completed in 5 months. However, it offers flexibility for students who wish to complete the course faster or for those who wish to take a little longer. Students must continue to make satisfactory progress every week on the course regardless of the length of his/her program.

What you get if you choose the remote instruction and assessment

emt button Remote Online Instruction and Assessment.
At the completion of the course students will attend 3-5, 1.5 to 2 hour online skills sessions. Instructors will demonstrate skills via web cam. The students can then show the instructors the skills learned and ask any questions he/she might have. After all instruction students will have a 1 on 1, online evaluation for all 7 skills.
emt button All Necessary Training Equipment Shipped to You.
Once you reach a specific point in your course, EMT & Fire Training Inc. will ship you the necessary equipment and training aids that will be used during online instruction and assessment. Students are responsible for return shipping cost and will receive a refund of $500 if returned. Equipment you will receive is as follows:
  • Airway Manikin
  • Backboard
  • Spider Straps
  • BVM
  • OPA's
  • NPA's
  • Oxygen Tank/Regulator/Tubing
  • Stethoscope & BP Cuff
  • Tourniquet
  • Epi-pen trainer
  • Cardboard/sam splints
  • Triangle bandages
  • Roller gauze
  • C-collar
  • Headbed
  • NC/NRB
  • Hand operated suction device
emt button NREMT Test Preparation from EMT-National-Training.com
EMT National Training is the top of the food chain for NREMT cognitive exam preparation and you get it FREE as long as you need it. Used by over 160,000 EMTs and Paramedics to study for the NREMT exam, there is nothing on the market that even compares.

What you get if you choose the in person skills week

emt button Single Occupancy Room for 5 nights with All Meals and Snacks Provided.
Standard queen bed room at Red Lion Hotel. All accommodations are included in the price of the course. Each student is provided 3 all you can eat meals a day. Common fare includes fresh deli sandwiches, chicken alfredo, fresh fruit salad, spring greens salad, burritos, brownies....the list goes on.* A vegetarian choice is provided at each meal. Student's don't just get hungry and thirsty at meal time so we provide granola bars, apples, oranges, bananas, juice, coffee, tea, water and soda all day.
emt button Indoor Swimming Pool, Hot tub and Workout room and Wi-Fi.
These facilities are available to students when not in training. Students are encouraged to bring their laptop computers to skills week if they have one. Wi-Fi is available throughout the training center.
emt button Personal Stethoscope & Blood Pressure Cuff with 2 EMS Academy T-shirts.
All students in our EMT courses get their own stethoscope, BP cuff and CPR mask to take home at the completion of the course. Academy T-Shirts are 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, and emblazoned with the EMT & Fire Training logo.
emt button Liability Insurance, AHA Health Care Provider CPR Certification and Clinical Rotation time if Needed.
EMT & Fire Training Inc. provides each student with liability insurance for completing the required 10 patient contacts with an ambulance agency, hospital or fire department. If the agency or institution requests, we will send a certificate of liability directly to them to verify your coverage. This EMT course includes a full AHA Health Care Provider CPR Course. You will be issued your AHA Health Care Provider CPR Card upon successful completion. If a student is unable to obtain the necessary 10 patient contacts with an ambulance agency, fire department or hospital, we can arrange for those contacts during practical skills week.
emt button Realistic Moulaged Scenarios.
During skills week, students in teams of two, respond and treat realistic patients with a variety of medical conditions and trauma injuries.
emt button NREMT Test Preparation from EMT-National-Training.com
EMT National Training is the top of the food chain for NREMT cognitive exam preparation and you get it FREE as long as you need it. Used by over 160,000 EMTs and Paramedics to study for the NREMT exam, there is nothing on the market that even compares.
emt button Transportation to and from Spokane International Airport (Sunday and Friday).
A shuttle bus or van depending on the class size will be waiting for students at the airport. The training center is about 45 minutes away from the Spokane International Airport.

EMT Online Course With Remote Assessment

  • Application Fee$200.00
  • Tuition$2,365.00
  • Equipment (Refundable)$500.00
  • NREMT Cognitive Exam Fee$80.00
  • Books and Online Resources$350.00

Total With Remote Options$3,495.00
Equipment Refund-$500.00
Total After Refund$2,995.00
  • Get Started with the $200 Application Fee
  • Enroll Now

EMT Online Course With In Person Skills Week

  • Application Fee$200.00
  • Tuition$2,515.00
  • Lodging, Meals
    (EMS Academy Skills Week)$750.00
  • NREMT Cognitive Exam Fee$80.00
  • Lab Fee$100.00
  • Books and Online Resources$350.00

Total With In Person Skills Week$3,995.00
  • Get Started with the $200 Application Fee
  • Enroll Now

* EMT & Fire Training Inc. is a Proprietary School registered with the Idaho Board of Education. In addition, the school is recognized as a training institution by the Idaho Department of Emergency Medical Services.


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