ARMY Funded EMT Training

How does this work?

If you are Army active duty or reserve, will pay for the full cost of this NREMT accepted remote EMT course. You will need to apply for Credentialing Assistance (CA) funding and then select our course.

Once your CA request is approved, the Army will pay EMT & Fire Training, Inc. directly. You will have no out-of-pocket expenses for the course.

What you should do next

  • Complete the contact form
  • Go to and begin the CA application process
  • Upload the quote we will email you to use on your CA application
  • Let us know when your application is complete
  • Complete our school registration process while waiting for your CA approval to process

Remote EMT Course

This course is online. It includes books, equipment, private training and assessment sessions held via zoom, and NREMT cognitive fees. You need a computer or mobile device with a web camera in order to complete the remote assessment.

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