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EMT & Fire Training Courses

EMT & Fire Training CEU Courses
CAPCE Approved
NREMT Accepted
EMT NCCP Refresher Course for recertification and retesting Yes Yes
AEMT NCCP Refresher Course for recertification and retesting Yes Yes
Paramedic NCCP Refresher Course for recertification and retesting Yes Yes
F3 Continuing Education Courses Yes Yes
F5 Continuing Education Courses Yes Yes

Department of Public Health

State Licensure Information

Q. Does the state accept EMT & Fire Training Continuing Education Courses?

A. EMT & Fire Training continuing education courses are CAPCE accredited and accepted by the NREMT. You should confirm with your state EMS office that they accept CAPCE accredited Continuing Education.


Our course takes you all the way through to the NREMT Practical and Cognitive exams. Once both exams are passed, you will receive a National Registry Certificate. The State of Delaware requires any applicant for EMT to have a current National Registry certificate. You must also have a current state EMT Certificate and a current Healthcare Provider Certification. An affiliation with an ambulance rescue squad or fire department is also necessary.
Delaware State EMT Reciprocity Information

The extra requirements include, a state certification, and a current Healthcare Provider Certification. A reciprocity class is also given once the reciprocity application is received in full. The class consists of Delaware Protocols, a Protocol Quiz, and a Practical Skills evaluation and final exam. Once you have completed the reciprocity class, you will be given a state of Delaware EMT Certification. The entire process can be expected to take 8 – 10 weeks.

Delaware Recertification Packet

Delaware Reciprocity Packet

If you are doing a refresher to recertify with the NREMT, we offer an NREMT approved 24-Hour Refresher that includes 10 hours of self-directed learning, and 14 hours of Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) sessions where a real instructor is present to answer questions and discuss the topics. It is fully accepted by the NREMT and is CAPCE accredited. This is one of the few online refreshers that meet the actual requirements by the NREMT to be counted as an official refresher. You have 2 years to complete the refresher from the time you sign up (or you can usually get it done in as little as 2 to 3 weeks). The cost of the refresher is $249.

Delaware Re-Certification Guidelines for EMT
*All EMT certifications expire March 31st
1 - submit re-certification form filled out to the DSFS with a copy of your 24hr. Refresher and HCP CPR card.
2 - You MUST be affiliated with an Ambulance or Fire Company in the state of DE

Q. I failed the NREMT exam 3 times already. Will your 24 Hour Online EMT Refresher allow me to retest with the NREMT?

 A. Yes. Once you pass our 24 Hour EMT Online Refresher course you will have 3 more opportunities at taking the NREMT Exam. The Course is accepted by the NREMT and covers all 24 hours of the Mandatory Core and Content required. To insure that you pass on your next attempt you can practice for the exam with our test prep site.

Contact Information
Delaware State Fire School
1461 Chestnut Grove Rd
Dover, DE 19904
Phone: 302.739.4773
Fax: 302.739.6245
Bill Walton, Senior Instructor of EMS Programs


Q. Does the state of Delaware accept IFSAC Certification for reciprocity?

A. The basic program for a Firefighter I is the equivalent of Basic Firefighting Skills and Structural Fire Fighting Skills. In order to be accepted, the program must meet the NFPA 1001 Firefighter I and exceed 75 hours of training.

Contact Information:
Delaware State Fire School
1461 Chestnut Grove Rd
Dover, DE 19904
Phone: 302.739.4773
Fax: 302.739.6245
Robert Newnam, Delaware State Fire School Director

Learn how to become an EMT in Wilmington, Dover, Newark, Middletown, Smyrna, Milford, Seaford, Elsmere, Georgetown, New Castle, and throughout the state of Delaware

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