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It's not always easy finding out the bottom line costs for EMT training and we want you to be informed. The estimated costs below has been gathered in good faith. This comparison is meant to show what IS included in an EMT & Fire Training Inc. Course as well as what is NOT included in other courses. For exact prices and information do your homework and contact each of the schools below for specifics or clarification.

We can't list all of the EMT schools here. Do yourself a favor and search Google for "Reviews" about ANY school that you are considering!


Compare Online NREMT EMT Training School Costs

EMT Course Comparison EMT & Fire Training Inc. EMT Course Percom EMT Course Training Division EMT Course
Advertised Cost $3,995.00 $1,025.00 $950.00
Text book and workbook* Included in Price No Workbook $53.00 No Workbook
Meals during Academy** Included in Price $400.00 $440.00
Lodging during Academy*** Included in Price $850.00 $770.00
AHA CPR Course Included in Price $50 $50
Clinical/Ride a long Insurance Included in Price Included in Price Included
3 Month EMT National Training NREMT Test Prep Subscription Included in Price $69 $69
Ground Transportation**** Included in Price $20 Taxi $450
Gas***** Included in Price None if using taxi $80
Background Check Included in Price $40 $40
Drug Screening Included in Price $40 $40
Stethoscope & BP Cuff Included in Price $35 Stethoscope Only
CPR pocket mask Included in Price $6 $6
Uniform Included in Price Included in Price Included
NREMT Practical Exam Included in Price Unknown Included
NREMT Cognitive Exam Included in Price
Additional Details      
Days at facility 6 days 10 days 11 days
System Requirements Windows & Mac Windows XP/DSL Windows & Mac
Avg. Student to Instructor ratio 4 to 1 or better Unknown Not Disclosed
Financial Aid Available Yes Yes Yes
Swimming Pool/Area Yes No No
Removes student from skills week if grade falls below 80% during the week.****** No No Yes
Bottom Line Estimate $3,995.00 $2,588.00 ***$3,060.00
EMT Training Center Locations
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emtfiretraining.com percomonline.com trainingdivision.com
1-888-783-8495 1-325-480-2617 1-817-297-4500
* Other schools advertise books at $115, but shipping averages $15 and could be more to your location.
** Meals based on $40 for food per day for length of academy or skills training.
*** Lodging based on average hotel cost per night near the training center over course of academy or skills training. Call Training Division for possible discounted rates of $358 at an extended stay facility.
**** Ground transportation based on lowest rate for nearest rental car company for the length of the academy or skills training.
***** Gas based on average distance between hotel and academy X number of days at $3.5 a gallon.
****** Training Division does not charge a student to return after being removed from a skills week. They only charge if the student needs to reschedule without prior notice. While there is no charge for the additional skills week, students will be responsible for the cost of travel, meals and lodging again.

or call 1-888-783-849

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