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Our EMT and Fire Instructors and staff have over 200 years of experience in EMS and Fire disciplines

Who you get your EMT or Firefighter training from is as important as the training itself. EMT & Fire Training Inc. Instructors are accredited and certified adult educators with proven track records of students successfully completing NREMT Certification and Firefighter I, II Requirements.

Ryan Asher
Instructor Ryan Asher
Certified EMT-B , EMT-I and Paramedic Instructor,Author
Scott Reasor
Instructor Scott Reasor
Certified EMT-B , EMT-I and Paramedic Instructor, Author
Bill Deruyter
Instructor Bill Deruyter
Certified EMT-B , EMT-I and Paramedic Instructor
Adam Knight
Instructor Adam Knight EMT-I85, EMT-Advanced
Certified Fire and EMT Instructor, Author
Gary Hoertz
Instructor Gary Hoertz Paramedic, Retired EMS Chief
Certified EMT-B, EMT-I and Paramedic Instructor
Tom Hiltenbrand
Instructor Tom Hiltenbrand
Paramedic Firefighter
Certified Fire and EMT Instructor, Author
Ryan has been an EMT and Paramedic for 23 years. His teaching credentials include certification for all levels of EMS, CPR and First Aid. Additionally he leads or assists in EMT instruction within five different EMS jurisdictions and colleges. Ryan is CCEMT-P Certified and a member of the Regional Hazmat Team as a Hazmat Tech as well as Advanced HazMat Life Support Certified.
Scott has been an EMT and Paramedic for 23 years. He works for a combination Fire/EMS department and is also a certified Firefighter II and Haz-Mat Technician. He has specialized in handling radioactive emergencies and worked for several years as a contracted Paramedic Firefighter with the Department of Energy.
Bill has been in the EMS/Fire Service for 19 years precepting numerous Paramedic students and instructing countless EMS and fire classes on various topics. Bill loves to share his wealth of knowledge and experiences and is a seasoned EMT and Firefighter Instructor.
Adam currently serves as a Lieutenant with Kootenai County Fire & Rescue (Idaho). Through his 20 year career he has specialized in all hazard mitigation and in training other members of the fire service in multiple disciplines. Adam is the author of fire-fighter-exam.com and co-owner of EMT & Fire Training Inc. He also is an adjunct instructor for North Idaho College's Fire Academy. Adam has authored Firefighter I, II and Hazmat Practice Questions and contributed to Pennwell Publishing and Fire Engineering's Handbook for Firefighter I and II test bank.
Gary is a retired EMS Chief and Instructor with over 34 years of experience. His career includes serving as Superintendent Medical Operations for the White House Medical Unit as well as working as the Certification Coordinator for the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT). EMT & Fire Training Inc. is privileged to have him on staff and every student he encounters is privileged to have had his instruction.
Tom has been an EMT for over 10 years in both rural and urban environments.  His instruction credentials include courses professional rescuers, which range from basic first aid to advanced EMT curricula. Tom is actively involved in EMS education recently completing the NREMT-P Course. He routinely proctors National Registry exams and has received numerous awards and company citations for outstanding service to his community.
Mitchell Copstead
Instructor Mitchell Copstead Paramedic
Certified EMT-B and EMT-I85 Instructor
Robert Anderson
Instructor Robert Anderson EMT-I85, EMT-Advanced
Certified EMT-B and EMT-I85 Instructor
Shane Anderson

Instructor Shane Anderson
Certified EMT-B and EMT-I Instructor

Matt Usher
Instructor Matt Usher
Certified EMT-B and EMT-I Instructor
Lani Meek
Lani Meek
Certified Course Coordinator, EMS Agency Manager
Kathy Robinson
Kathy Robinson
Enrollment Administrator
Mitchell Copstead has been a Firefighter/EMT-I for 17 years an just recently became a Paramedic. He is currently working for a busy Fire/EMS department in the northwest. Mitchell has an A.S. degree in Fire Science, is an IFSAC Firefighter II, IFSAC Driver Operator and Haz-Mat technician. He is a certified EMT and AHA CPR instructor. Previously Mitchell worked as a Shift Officer and EMS coordinator for a rural Fire/EMS department.
Robert has been an EMT for 20 years and a firefighter for 19 years working in urban, suburban, rural, and wilderness fire and EMS departments (both career and volunteer). Robert is a past chief EMS officer and is an active instructor with local Fire/EMS agencies for initial and continuing education.

He is a proctor with NREMT for EMT-B and EMT-I students.


Special Interests:
Mass Casualty / Care response for Fire/EMS departments
Local Sober Roadways Mock DUI facilitator Moulage Technician

Shane has been an EMT/Firefighter for over 15 years in both rural and urban environments. He started his career as a volunteer EMT then progressed into private ambulance FTO Paramedic. Now he is currently a chase Paramedic for a busy fire and EMS system in the Northwest.


Credentials include Field training Officer in the large City of Spokane, Instructor for INHS (Spokane), and preceptor for Kootenai County Fire and Rescue.

He enjoys teaching street medicine along with book applications and he is not afraid to tell a story or two. Shane's ultimate goal is to train and teach great EMT's. His motto is keeping it basic.

Matt Usher has been involved in EMS since 1996 when he began as a volunteer Firefighter/EMT in California. Later he went to Paramedic School and began working full time on an ambulance in the San Francisco Bay Area. He promoted to Paramedic Supervisor while in California. He then followed his family to North Idaho and began working as a Paramedic For AMR in Spokane, Washington. He has been working as a Paramedic Preceptor in Spokane since 2006. In 2009, Usher began his career at the Northern Lakes Fire Department where he is a Firefighter/Paramedic. He began teaching EMS classes early in his career and has become one of the most sought after instructors and preceptors in the Inland Northwest.

Lani has spent 8 years managing a rural volunteer ambulance agency and she is also a Certified NREMT Course Coordinator. Lani helps organize all EMT & Fire Training Inc. courses.
Kathy is a former Business/Physical Education Teacher and is in charge of all student enrollment. She is often the first point of contact for students with questions about courses and financial aid.
Instructor Maurice Wagner
Instructor Maurice Wagner
Gretchen hayes
Instructor Gretchen Hayes
Certified EMT-B and AEMT and Paramedic Instructor
Ken Bookamer
Instructor Ken Bookamer
Certified EMT-B and EMT-I Instructor
Blaine Porter
Instructor Blaine Porter
Certified EMT-B
Travis Holycross
Travis Holycross

Maurice has been in fire fighting and EMS since 2008. He currently works for Kootenai County Fire & Rescue as a Firefighter/Paramedic and is also a Swing-Up Engineer. Maurice is certified as an IFSAC Firefighter I & II, IFSAC Driver Operator, Idaho State Firefighter I instructor, CPR and EMT instructor. He has a passion for EMS and teaching as he is an adjunct instructor for North Idaho College's Firefighter I program and AEMT initial certification skills instructor during EFT's skills weeks. Maurice also has a special interest in EMS responses to Active Shooter/Hostile Events.

Gretchen has been in the fire service for 11 years and worked and volunteered for a variety fire departments and EMS services including the Moscow Volunteer Fire Department, Bonner County EMS, and Priest Lake Ambulance. Gretchen has been a NREMT paramedic for 9 years. Gretchen has taught EMS extensively throughout North Idaho to departments large and small. Gretchen's specialties include pediatrics, rural EMS, and EMS operations.

Ken Bookamer has been a Firefighter/EMT since 1999. In those years he has been involved in the development of training and Continuing Quality Improvement programs for his employer.

Ken has instructed both in-house and for the state of Idaho and has served as a field preceptor for new employees.  He enjoys teaching, and learning from, EMT and Fire students.

Blaine has been an EMT Since 1992. He has also been a CPR Instructor since 1990 including affiliate faculty with the US Army.

Blaine has been a Firefighter since 1997, FF I and II, and a member of Idaho USAR TF-1.

He has worked in both large and medium urban settings, and specializes in Swiftwater and water rescue, USAR.

He is also a State instructor for USAR (all disciplines except swiftwater), EMT, FF I and II and is Currently employed CDAFD, EMS 28.

Travis started his career in EMS as a volunteer EMT and eventually an Advanced EMT for a very rural ambulance agency covering almost 1200 sq. miles of rugged and isolated terrain.

Travis directs course and technology development as well as marketing. His NREMT preparation course has been used by more that 80,000 EMTs and Paramedics to prepare for the NREMT cognitive examination.

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