EMT & Fire Training Inc. Payment Plan Option

EMT & Fire Training Inc. currently offers payment plans for EMT and AEMT course programs. Payment plan must be paid in full prior to attending EMS Academy Skills Week or before receiving course completion on the Remote EMT course. We DO NOT run a credit check on you to use the payment plan option. Additional details provided during application process.

Payment Plan Calculator Tool

Registration Fee: $200

Remaining Balance:
Cost of the course minus the registration fee and the down payment.

Monthly Payment:
Remaining balance divided by number of months.
* Monthly Payment is an estimate and does not include finance fee of approximately $10.

How do I get a payment plan?

1. Simply sign up for the EMT or AEMT course you wish to take. You will need to pay the application fee and start the enrollment process for the course you desire to take.

2. After applying, you will be directed to the registration portal. You will complete your registration there, and during that process will be given the chance to choose the payment option you want.

How do I sign up for a course?

Simply click the 'Certification Courses' link in the menu above and select the level you wish to apply for then follow the steps found on those pages.