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EMT & Fire Training Course Photo Gallery

This is a photo gallery of EMT & Fire Training Inc. students, instructors and facilities. Click a training or facilities photo to open a larger version in a new browser window.

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Instructors Deruyter and Asher explaining the finer points of vomit

nremt airway station

Instructor Asher running through an NREMT airway skill sheet

emt backboard training

A student demonstrates how to secure a patient to a backboard

emt blood pressure training

Instructor Deruyter shows how to take a blood pressure over clothing

Naven had a nasty spill

Naven the training mannequin waits for assistance from emt students

EMT instructor scares students

Instructor Deruyter frightens EMT students with a story from his last shift

oxygen administration training

Instructor Asher uses hand gestures. Why? We are not sure.

EMT students lifting patient

Instructor Knight offers guidance on proper lifting techniques

EMT gurney training

Students practice gurney operation

breath sound practice

Students practice listening to breath sounds

emt training photo

Instructor Deruyter explains how to take a pulse while someone is talking

NREMT mouth to mask

Students verbalizing mouth to mask ventilation technique

practicing mask to face seal

Student practicing mouth to mask ventilations

practice securing patient

Instructor Knight telling students he is not going to help them lift the patient

Instuctor Deruyter tells a gross story right before lunch

Students learning safe techniques for patient moves

Moving backboarded patient down stairs safely

Student practices mouth to mask ventilations with one way valve

Instructor Knight teaching gurney operation

Instructor Deruyter goes over blood pressure

Students practice using the BVM

Middle of winter at the Inn at Priest Lake

Looking out at the heated pool

New furniture for the Great Room

Winter wonderland during skills week

Back side of the Inn with view of the pool

Staircase in lobby overlooking Great Room

Great Room before new furniture

One of the units with kitchenette

Single occupancy room at the Inn

Double occupancy room at the Inn

Typical bathroom at the inn

Summer time skills week

EMT students practice infant CPR

Moulaged electrical burn to the knee looks nasty

Electrical burn to the hand

Student with that "beat up, but happy look"

Instructor Deruyter finishing moulage for trauma assessment

Students during initial assessment of trauma patient

Shoulder wound created by Instructor Knight

Students looking for life threatening injuries

MVA victim getting into character for trauma assessment

Gunshot wound exposed during assessment

Nice laceration moulaged by Instructor Deruyter

Instructor Asher speaks during orientation

Instructor Asher explaining CPR

EMT students practice AHA HCP CPR with BVM

EMT students learning CPR

Instructor Asher goes through a witnessed cardiac arrest scenario

Instructor Asher demonstrates proper CPR techniques

Instructor Knight taking a turn as a seated patient needing spinal immobilization

EMT students go through the steps of using an AED

EMT student putting in some extra time

Instructor Asher directing class photo

EMT B EMS Academy 5/24/10

EMT students working on supine immobilization

Naven the training dummy get's good patient care

Hives oversees students rolling Naven onto a backboard

Spider straps used to immobilize Naven

Sling and swath immobilization of a long bone injury

Student with femur fracture has time to text

Seated immobilization performed flawlessly by the Canadian

Naven has c-spine precautions

CMS before and after all immobilization

CPR practice with instructor Asher

Hives being immobilized by the Canadian

Working on water immobilization techniques

EMT team working on moving patient from water


Moulage field assistant working on her scenario

Field assistant has fallen and she can't get up

Students practicing trauma assessment

Students work on medical assessment

Getting a good history of present illness

EMT field assistant getting into roll of breathing difficulties

EMT students practice safe gurney operations

Getting ready for "the duck hunting scenario"

Getting the patient on high flow O2

Moulaged lacerations by Robert

Excellent evisceration

Exposing the chest and abdomen

Somebody help this guy

EMT students treat stabbing victim

Stab wounds on EMT field assistant

Nice laceration moulaged by Robert

Students work on trauma assessment

Students treat a femur fracture and shoulder injury

Gunshot wound from hunting accident

Exit wound

Femur fractures happen in the worst locations

EMT students packaging a patient for transport

Victim of fall needs some help

Getting some vitals on altered LOC patient

The Canadian has looked better while Hives steals a look at the skill sheet

Portland checks the skill sheet while Ky tends to shooting victim

Snack time

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